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7 Days Farm Managers Training Program

Screen House FarmCatfish Production Training

Chicken Agro Processing II




The 7 Days (FNBN-DCHRD) Farm Managers Training Program is a week-long intensive course designed to equip Participants with the hands-on requisite knowledge required to successfully set up and manage a cross section of crop and animal farms profitably.

Available dates for 2017 are:

  • January 22nd – 28th (Entry Closed)
  • February 5th – 11th (Entry Closed)
  • February 19th – 25th (Entry Closed)
  • March 5th – 11th (Entry Closed)
  • March 26th – April 1st (Entry Closed)
  • April 2nd – April 8th (Entry Closed)
  • April 23rd – April 29th (Entry Closed)
  • May 7th – May 13th (Limited space available)
  • May 21st – May 27th (Reservations Ongoing)
  • June 4th – June 10th (Reservations Ongoing)
  • June 25th – July 1st (Group Booking – Entry Closed)
  • July 2nd – July 8th (Reservations Ongoing)
  • July 16th – July 22nd (Reservations Ongoing)

Please send an email to or for a Registration Form for the Training Program.

The Training is a 7 Day Onsite Program which covers Crop, Fish (Tilapia & Catfish), Poultry, Livestock Production Agro Processing.

While appreciating the vastness of the Agricultural Sector and the herculean, albeit impossible task of covering same within seven (7) days, the Training Program has been designed to:

  • Help Participants develop a better appreciation of the Agric Sector/ Business in Nigeria.
  • Guide and educate Participants on the investment opportunities available in the Agric Sector.
  • Educate participants on the fundamental information required to thrive in Agric Business.
  • Provide practical classes (covering selected areas of production indicated below) where Participants will be equipped with hands on expertise in animal and crop production as well as food processing.

The Training Program will be conducted within the 90 Hectare Facility of the Dominican Centre for Human Resources Development (DCHRD), Moniya, Ibadan.

The program is to include field trips to locations such as IITA and in recognition of the importance of physical and mental wellbeing of Participants activities such as early morning jogging and a Novelty Football Match have been included as well.

For a Picture Gallery of past Training Programs please visit: 

Current areas of focus include:

  1. General Introduction to Integrated Farming
  2. Crop production – Practicals – Open Field & Screen house Farming/ Weed Control & Use of Agrochemicals (Please click on the “Pepper” for infomation on the potentails of same)
  • Green leafy vegetables    e.g.   Shoko, tete,waterleaf, ugu, spinach
  • Pepper                                e.g.   Chilli, green, yellow,
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Water melon
  • Maize
  • Beans
  • Cassava 
  1. Animal  (Livestock) Production  & Veterinary Care (Please click on the individual courses for more information on the course content)
  1. Fish farming (Tilapia & Catfish Practical Breeding) – The Course is to cover – Dynamics in Successful Fish Farming, Best Practices in Fish Production, Hatchery & Fish Breeding, Fish Feed Production.
  2. Plantation Crops/ Orchards Management/ Nursery Management & Tissue Culture
  3. Forestry Management Horticulture & Honey Production (Bee Keeping)
  4. Agro Processing  – Value Addition & Food Processing: Processing & Packaging Food Products/ Animal Products/ Agro Equipment Tools & Fabrication.
  5. Introduction to The FNBN Cluster Farming Initiative

The Training Program is for N85,000.00 and is to include Training Materials, Accommodation and Feeding.

Target Participants are:

  • Individuals seeking to invest in the Agric Value Chain.
  • Individuals seeking to go into Farm Management and/or keep abreast with current practices.
  • Individuals seeking to acquire new skills to improve the profitability of their farms and/or broaden their employment opportunities.
  • Individuals seeking to access Agric Finance at single digit to drive their business.

We also offer Cluster Farming Opportunities at our Epe Site for Participants that desire to immediately commence production.

  • A Cluster Farm is system that creates value by merging several smallholder farms within close proximity into a Farming Hub so that each can enjoy economies of scale such as bulk purchase of feeds and provision of portable water, security and expertise.

For further information, please call +234 81 686 13 414 or send an email to or

Let’s work together to promote the culture of self reliance.

Thank you.



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Working Capital & Short Term Collateral Free Loans

Microfinance Loans


In recognition of the need to assist entrepreneurs with access to collateral free working capital and short term loans. Bank of Industry MFB was set up to provide funding under the following terms:

  • Loan Amount: N250,000.00  – N1,000,000.00
  • Tenor:               12 Months
  • Interest Rate:  4% interest rate per month  
  1. Eligibility:

Loans can be accessed by an individual or a group (solidarity group or registered cooperative society). The bank finances a wide range of businesses in the under-listed sectors: (more…)

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N1.0 Billion Fashion Fund

Access to Finance

N1.0 BOI Billion Fashion Fund

The Fashion Fund was conceived to support men and women in the fashion industry to grow their businesses to industrial scale. The Nigeria fashion industry is fast growing and accounts for 0.47 per cent (N380 billion) of the country’s rebased GDP.

Eligibility of the fund is also open to parties interested in establishing Fashion Clusters.

Key features of the fund include: (more…)

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N1 Billion Nollyfund

Access to funding

Nollywood has experienced rapid growth and is now ranked 3rd in the global market after the Hollywood (America) and Bollywood (India). However, lack of access to structured finance and distribution channels have been the major challenges confronting the industry.

Whereas challenges such as unstructured distribution network are peculiar to our clime, the challenges with piracy have assumed global dimensions.

In a bid to mitigate the myriad of challenges faced by players in the industry a dedicated fund has been created for players in the sector.

Key features of the fund include: (more…)

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N1.0 Billion Fish Farming & Processing Program

Fish Farming & Processing Program

N1.0 Billion Fish Farming & Processing Program

Nigeria is the largest fish consumer in Africa and among the largest fish consumers in the world. However, about 80% of the country’s demand is met through import with an estimated N125.4 billion spent on fish import every year. This product program which focuses on the Fishery value chain is expected to provide needed support that will increase local capacity and reduce importation.  

Key features of the Product Program include: (more…)

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7 Funding Options for Your Business

Collateral Free Loans

7 Funding Options for Your Business

The most frequently asked question from entrepreneurs seeking to set up start ups or expand existing businesses is the availability of funding usually in the form of Collateral Free Term Loans or Working Capital Facilities.

When it comes to funding, it’s important to analyze all angles of your business and your future goals and then analyze each type of funding opportunity (either equity and/or debt) so that you make sure you’re starting your business off on the right foot.

In no particular order, the 7 best and most popular options for funding a start up or expanding an existing business are listed below: (more…)

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